3 Possible Reasons For Wisa’s Indecent Exposure on D2R Stage

Wisa at D2R

Citi FM never planned for this, neither are they happy for the occurrence, Programmes Manager Jessica Saforo tweeted. Wisa Greig has done the unthinkable and we at kuulpeeps, are trying to find the possible angles that’d make anybody engage himself in such an appalling and immoral conduct. Let’s go through three reason that may have moved this young man to show his manhood on stage.

Fear of One Time Hit

His song ekiki me may be popular but really, how many of us know him by name and face? We have seen the Eduwodjis, Dr Crymes etc getting a hit song and falling off the next moment. Like I keep saying, there is nothing like bad publicity so we are sure he chose this nasty path to start off his career. His thoughts were that his name would be remembered after last night.

Make Up For Poor Performance

On the night, much was expected of him, but as it so happened, his performance was not impressive. It is possible that it was his own way of making up for it so that people will not have to talk about his bad performance.

The Talk of Ghana

Wisa’s bizarre incident is trending on twitter-number 2 as of writing this article. For someone to reach this feat on Xmas day is huge, it is likely that it was all he wanted. Now, he is the talk of Ghana on Christmas Day.

Regardless, of what his reasons were, what he did was not the best way to go about doing music. He has blown the opportunities young musicians had at bigger stages. We at kuulpeeps do not think selling off this way is the way to go in the Ghanaian Music industry, particularly for posterity sake.


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