TOP 10 Twitter Trends in 2015

Social media has transformed over the years into a powerhouse in today’s day and age. It has become a very useful tool for dissemination of information, connecting with friends and family, sharing ideas and concepts, marketing content, products and more.

One of the world’s biggest social media platforms; Twitter, is known to be a hub for such activities. With an estimate of over 350 million users, it is best known for its unique 140-character limit, which most users believe makes it the most exciting platform to be on. The platform is structured in such a way that conversations on a particular topic can be followed by others using a particular hashtag ‘#’. The use of hashtags later on developed into trends, which is now widely used on a daily basis to identify and hype topical conversations, events, products, movements, movies, radio and tv shows etc.

Here are the Top 10 Trends to hit Twittergh in the year 2015, Enjoy !


High school days are known to offer the most memorable experiences in the life of every individual. #Throwbackthursday, which is mostly a trend on Thursdays unravels memories of past events mostly with pictures which then changed into #ThrowbackSHS where people tweeted about their high school experiences, from the good, bad and ugly aspects spiced up with intriguing memes.



#DumsorMustStop was a trend initiated by Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Nelson, leading a public outcry on the unbearable energy crisis in the country at the time. Ghanaians took the opportunity to express their sentiments and experiences through the hashtag and the hashtag developed into a movement. A vigil was organized on the …… with thousands of Ghanaians attending to express their dissatisfaction about the situation.





One of the biggest trends to hit TwitterGH this year, it all began with a tweet from a Ghanaian lady with handle @adwoa_nicoletta about how Ghanaians were more beautiful than Nigerians.


This erupted into a heated debate between Ghanaians and their Nigerian counterparts on whose country was the best. It trended for close to 3 days with over 100,000 tweets generated through arguments on who was the best in football, who had the prettiest girls and of course; whose jollof tasted better.




Touted as one of the most exciting 2015 Twitter trends in Ghana, #FamousGhanaians was a trend that compared Ghanaian names which were slightly similar to names of worldwide celebrities to create the humorous impression that the celebrities originated from Ghana.



With the popular notion that twitter users most especially girls tend to have a different life as compared to what they portray online, #twittergirls was a trend that developed to unravel certain behavioral patterns of most female users of the social media platform.





Kumasi folks have always been known to be victimized on twitter, mostly due to their supposed weird dressing, pronunciations ‘ L’ and ‘R’ and more. #YouknowYouinKumasi unraveled some things perculiar to kumasi folks.



#TwitterNti meaning because of twitter, was a trend to expose certain things tweeps do daily just because of being attached to the social media platform. Various tweets flooded the timeline illustrating how people went to various extents and funny situations just because of twitter.







Relationships are known to come with several complications, most people tend to use the twitter platform to express certain relationship related issues, #ThatsWhyWeBrokeUp trended for close two days with over 300,000 tweets generated on how and why they had to break up with their partners, mostly fictional and just to create




Subtweets popularly known as ‘subs’ are tweets directed towards another user without mentioning the handle of the person, ‘subs’ are mostly used to avoid direct altercation with an individual, the trend #SubForFree allowed users to address their sentiments, rumours , insults, love proposals and more.



#Dropthatlife was one of the most intriguing trends on twitter this year, it was mainly aimed at encouraging individuals to shun certain habits and behaviors, as usual, it took a humorous turn.


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