All You Need To Know About How Govt Blew GH¢43,000 On Commissioning an SHS

COMMISIONING OF SHS President Mahama commissioned the Gwiraman Community SHS at Bamianko in Nzema East District of the Western region on October 12th . The school is the third to be commissioned of the President’s promise to build 200 community day schools by 2016. According to a publication by Daily Guide, GH¢43,000 was spent on the commissioning of the school alone. The budget included money for scissors to cut the ribbons,

  • GH¢6,000 for snacks for students
  • GH¢3,000 to feed special guest,
  • GH¢2,500 to fuel cars of chiefs who came to the function
  • GH¢1,000 for weeding
  • GH¢2,000 to journalist as ‘soli’ for covering the event
  • GH¢2,500to fee special guest
  • GH¢1,500 for a plaque for the school 
  • GH¢5,000 to hire buses to convey supporters to the event.

Journalists who covered the event claim they didn’t receive money for covering and artisans claim the GH¢1500  


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