2 Ways Sarkodie’s Lawsuit Will Affect His Rapperholic Concert

Sarkodie has been sued by a Russian promoter called Lawrence Ampene Larson Darko. According to the promoter, Sarkodie failed to show up for his show in Petersburg, Russia. Sarkodie is yet to officially respond to the suit but with his Rapperholic just around the corner, lets see ways this suit will affect the show.

More Publicity

There is nothing like a bad publicity; it is always about how you pick yourself up as an artiste and make the news favor your agenda. At this point, Sarkodie is trending, which means his Rapperhoilic concert is being mentioned with the trends. By extension, vibes around the Rapperholic is expected to heighten at this point.

Over the years, we have come to understand that Sarkodie does well even if the news is that bad. This means the point that a no show suit is expected to affect patronage of his show is heavily floored. Remember the BET Irish Cream and the stolen car issue? In terms of suit, the Obuobi Jeremiah of OBJ Clothing copyright suit comes to mind. These are few instances of bad publicity which did not change Sarkodie as a brand/artiste. So in all, we expect more publicity for Rapperholic concert from this suit.

Divided Focus

It’s not all rosy with the suit, if you know court issues, you’d understand that there is no ‘small suit’. This will mean Sarkodie’s attention to his Rapperholic show is going to be divided. Once again, one can say that these are issues for his lawyers’ focus but in reality and practically, these issues are more of Sarkodie issues than his lawyers’ issue. This is because at the end of the day, Sarkodie pays the $12,000 if he loses the case, not his lawyers.

His divided attention means he is likely not to put out his best at the Rapperholic Concert.

In all, Rapperholic is still coming on, as to how successful it’d be amidst these issues is something Sarkodie’s team has to decide.


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