Photos: Obour’s Performance And His Daring Entrance At The Back In The Day Concert

MUSIGA Boss at Back In The Day Concert

Ghana went back in the day yesterday at the AICC with Sisqo and his Dru Hill, Obour, Akatakyie, Daasebre Dwamena , Nana Quame and a few others. The stunning moment of the night was when President of MUSIGA, Obour came on stage. Throughout the year, there was much talk about his weight; with people alleging that he even collapsed during a fitness training at Legon. Of course, he denied the allegation but assured that he’d work hard to shed some weight off. Well, this is Obour at the Back In The Day Concert.


On his weight issues, guess whose work paid off?  Obour had so much control and it didn’t seem like he had weight issues. Now, how many of us can flip with one hand? A few, I guess. That’s exactly what Obour did, which should tell you the control he had of his body. He was even carried on stage at a point.

Obour at back in the day concert

The Me Nwu Biom hit maker made what I call a daring entry onto the stage; carried in a big pot still on fire. His entrance was the best on the night, however dangerous it seemed, it looked like something he was used to. The craft played well into the Me Nwu Biom song which was played before he came on stage and still appealed to the me hu ye huhuhu song that he came on stage with too. Now, this is the pot and that is Obour in the it (the white ‘thing’ you see in the pot).

MUSIGA Boss at Back In The Day Concert

On his performance, I expected a rusty performance but that wasn’t the case; crowd control was amazing, coordination and stage craft was impeccable and you have to give it up for his dancers. Good old A.B Crenstil joined him at a point to do the Juliana song, which was beautiful. On the night, I think Obour and A.B Crenstil stole the show and they deserved it.

A.B Crenstil

Obour and A.B Crenstil


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