Obour Took My Style- Sisqo

Sisqo at the back in the day concert

Sisqo and the Dru Hill were exceptionally disciplined and well coordinated yesterday at the AICC. He watched performances by local artistes and commented on it when he came on stage.

Big ups to the local arts who came through. I was impressed. I think one of them took my style, he did the one hand flip one or twice on stage. I gat to give it up for him

Obour was the only one who did the one hand flip twice on stage so definetly he was the one Sisqo was referring to at the time. If you are wondering what the flip is, it is what we used to called rollings as kids.  Obour did rollings with just one hand., that’s just about it. For someone we thought had weight issues , that was impressive although it’s something he used to do on stage back in the day.



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