Okyeame Kwame Backlashed On Facebook For Celebrating K.K.D


Fashion icon, Kwasi Kyei Darkwah (K.K.D the Finest) is fifty years today. Rapper, Okyeame Kwame took to his Facebook page to celebrate him on his 50th birthday with this remark.

KKD is 50years today! 50years of leadership, class, knowledge, and style. U ve inspired us in diverse ways, especially me. Ur colorful nature is not only seen in ur socks, but the radiance of your wonderful personality. You’ve made gentlemen of most boys and legends of most men. U are 50 today but to me you will always be kkd45. The imagery of u I will never forget was that day at the Houston airport when u came out of the plane with so much class nd Gucci bags that for a moment I thought u were The King of Zamunda in coming to America. I will celebrate u everyday even in silence. 50 becomes u! @hisroyalblacknesskkd

Most of his fans, however, did not appreciate that the versatile rapper had to take to his Facebook to celebrate KKD. Here are some of the comments:

Ola Oluwa:You here celebrating this guy. Only Ghana will this nonsense continue. Elsewhere you wouldn’t have the courage to speak again. It’s about time we as Ghanaians let people know if you out there in public you can’t always mess up and be celebrated.You better look for proper and fitting gentlemen to celebrate.

Diplomatic Siege GhanaMy comment is not for feeble minds who can not read in between lines or think outside the box. PEOPLE WHO HAVE CLASS, PEOPLE WHO ARE INTELLIGENT, PEOPLE WHO ARE GENTLEMEN ARE MARRIED AND ARE SETTLED DOWN WITH THEIR FAMILIES IN HOME’S, IF A MAN AT HIS AGE THINKS BEING CLASSY IS BY GOING ROUND SLEEPING WITH WOMEN ANYHOW AND PUTTING ON THE MOST EXPENSIVE CLOTHS AND PERFUMES etc THEN AM SAD, okyeame Kwame dont you think he rather has to learn from you? Because you v done what most can not do by settling down and living a responsible life, WHAT IS HIS IMPACT TO THE SOCIETY AND HOW DID YOU MEASURE [email protected] Kwame

Ci Ci Corlley Is that the man who defiled a young girl at a hotel who is now called an inspirer!!! Ohh Ghana where is our sense of honesty!! I think he is a paedophile

Bandaras Boss Bandy Bra Kwame ,this one dierr u no dey try koraa,if the controversies regardless he was guilty or not,it wasn’t a good idea to celebrate his birthday on your honorable page,

Matilda Yeboah Ohh Bra Kwame am so very much disappointed in you, ahh but you paaaa. Well enjoy yourself.

Ola Oluwa Okyeame Kwame is very shallow!!! What the hell… ‘ coming outa plane with Gucci bags’ so that makes him your King?? grow up bruv… You can do better

Even with these criticisms, a few supported the Rap Dacta

Afia Gyamfua We r proud of u..we r hav our bad side but wats most important is d gud side we learning frm..maybe urs didnt come out but God saw u.plz stop judging him cos he is a human.hapi bdae daddy enjoy ur day wit much love.may God continue to guide n protect ur steps.

At a point, O.K had to come in to defend his post with this comment

When it was illegal to play rap music at Gbc He supported music. He teaches young people learn more. Increase in wisdom. To speak well . To dress well . To stand out . To align with heritage and still be modern . To be truthful to yourself . To be a responsible father. To aspire for more . Yes his marriage did not work but we all make mistakes . So u are saying that if your marriage fails u are not classy? And that all u have contributed in the society is erased?. A Ghanaian court says He is innocent so why still punish the man . If he didn’t rape her then the age is his crime . But the girl was 19 . I can’t change your mind but this man has inspired me . And that’s what I’m saying.

It still did not stop the irate fans.

Wow and who did that research and came out with those findings, I can see your definition of leadership is one’s ability to afford designer cloth and bags and live a lavish life style, you are interesting, anyway that’s your opinion but for your information your claim is premature and not scientific therefore wack.

For us at kuulpeeps, we are proud of K.K.D for his envious role in both media and fashion. Happy Birthday The Finest.


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