“How To Kiss” Is The Top Trending “How To” Search For Ghana In 2015

For many of us, Google is the smartest go-to person when we need answers quickly. Normally these questions are pragmatic and intellectual. But it seems Google’s job description has expanded, or Ghanaians have increased their expectations of Google in the past year.
Google has released top search trends for the year 2015 and number one on the “HOW TO” list is HOW TO KISS. It seems many young people in Ghana got lucky his year and so solicited the help of Google to kiss like a pro.
Second on the list is “HOW TO MAKE MONEY” Ghanaians care more about kissing than money? Now isn’t that surprising! Doesn’t making money usually come before kissing the girl? now we know the things that matter most

The other popular searches were about how to write reports and resumes and how to create websites. Seems to me like a healthy balance of work and play.


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