The Two Friends We All Have In Our Lives Called Kennedy

In our lives we are all faced with challenges sometimes. Relative to what is happening in the NPP now, sometimes you just wish everything will vanish and like a book, open a new chapter.

But in those times of challenge, the real nature of our friends is revealed by the sudden change in circumstances.

There are faithful friends like Kennedy Agyapong who will basically throw jabs at everyone who dares talk about your situation. All he cares about is your friendship and he will personally take on whoever dares to confront you.

The other Kennedy, Arthur Kennedy can also be considered as a friend till trouble comes; he will make you question whether he had been a friend at all. He seizes every opportunity to tell people why you are in trouble and that he told you to be careful but you wouldn’t listen. You never hear him speak unless he is commenting on your worsening situation.

The truth is that we all need a balance of friends in our lives those who will ride or die with us and those who will not shy away from telling us the truth no matter how bitter. To have friends like the Kennedies maybe gets you both sides of the coin. But when crunch time is over, you may want to seriously consider whether to keep friends like Arthur Kennedy.


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