4 Reasons Why Shatta Wale Will Not Release The Nude Photos Of Bulldog’s Wife


News has made rounds that Shatta Wale and more than half of the Shatta Movement family have nude photos of Bulldog’s wife. However, we at kuulpeeps are convinced that Shatta Wale will not put out the photos for these reasons:

 He Thinks Bulldog Is ‘Dangerous’

Shatta has said he decided to drop Bulldog because he threatened to kill him, citing instances where Bulldog exhibited a violent nature. Recently Bulldog was also mentioned in connection to a murder investigation and as such, it is imprudent to have to put out nude pictures of his wife.

Shatta Wale Is Cool With Bulldog’s Wife

According to Bulldog’s wife, Shatta Wale is cool with her such that he even calls her mummy. Barring any ugly utterances by  Bulldog’s wife towards Shatta Wale, we do not for see Shatta Wale putting the nudes out to harm the lady he is cool with.

Shatta Wale Has Not Made An Effort To Release The Nudes

The news of the naked pictures came out when Bulldog put out a screenshot of Shatta’s chat with a certain Gideon. Clearly Shatta had made no effort to release the nudes since he’s had them for a while and his comment on the nudes were in passing; that Bulldog released them himself. He is yet to show a sign that he’d release them.

The News Is Out, Shatta Won’t Risk It

News of the pictures is out already and everyone is going to turn to Shatta Wale if the photos actually came out. It’d have been different if he secretly had it, that way it’d be released anonymously. We don’t think Shatta Wale is ready to put himself in that position.



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