Papa Oppong In The White House

Papa Oppong Bediako, known popularly as just Papa Oppong was honoured to have been present at this year’s annual White House Christmas Party. No,Papa Oppong wasn’t there himself; one of his genius creations was…so it’s kind of the same thing. Maybe even better. Plus considering how much energy he put into painting each little detail on that fabric, he might as well have been there himself.

Violetta Markelou, a visual artist and fashion photographer, paired the long, tan “Cape-Coat” with the hand-painted purple, blue & yellow floral graffiti motifs that are signature to Papa Oppong’s digital illustrations, with a beautiful white gown & gloves.

The make-up photographer left some more appreciation in the comment section of his Instagram post saying, “Ahh thank you for creating an amazing piece of art for me to wear !”


The image which he’s posted to his Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter pages has been shared over 200 times. The young illustrator’s works have gotten recognition from American A-Listers like Kelly Rowland, Rihanna, Rosario Dawson(who is apparently a good buddy of his) and Lana Del Rey. All of this and he’s ONLY 23. How’s that for some motivation.

The fashion design student is one Ghanaian who’s definitely going places, and we’ll be right here in the motherland cheering him on!

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