Ameri Deal: Why Ghanaians Should Insist on Credible Answers


It was only a week ago I aired my views on the power barge which has been welcomed with outlandish pageantry

Now we are being brought to terms of an event in which if what they say is true could mean that the whole nation or should I say the government of the nation has been duped.

Just this Saturday on newsfile the deputy power minister and the information minister were glamorously defending why we needed all the power plants we could find. John Jinapor made it clear that our first gentleman is a liar because even if we powered all the hydros and thermal plants in the country, there was still going to be #Dumsor.

To add salt to injury, we discover that Ameri group which has also signed a deal with government to give us extra power was allegedly represented by an international wanted criminal.

First let’s hear what the man people say is the president we may never have, had to say:

Papa Kwesi Nduom

Many Heads Must Roll?

So after checks and counter checks, it is true

that Ghana’s Minister of Power, Dr. Kwabena

Donkor signed deal with Ameri Group worth a

reported 510 million dollars to lease a power


What I together with many Ghanaian taxpayers

and power users want to know are these:

  1. Is it true that the deal was signed with a

company with questionable references?

  1. Are the principals of Ameri Group a Dubai

prince and Umar Farook Zahoor a man wanted

for several fraudulent acts in Europe?

  1. Is the price tag for the deal inflated?
  2. Did cabinet and the presidency do due

diligence on the Ameri Group and the

pricing of the deal given that previous

international transactions have suffered

credibility tests after the fact? Reference

CNTCI and STX Korea.

  1. Is power from this transaction an

influencing factor in the recent electricity price


I am practicing patience, willing to give benefit

of the doubt to President John Dramani

Mahama and the Power Minister on this deal.

We need answers; quickly. Otherwise, many

heads must roll!

We have reached a level where if we don’t realize that as a people we owe it to ourselves to be a little responsible lest posterity lock upon us with scorn.


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