4 Lessons Shatta Wale Taught Us In 2015

If anyone thought Shatta Wale wouldn’t have a good year in 2015, they’ve have had to bow down their heads in shame. The Dancehall King has had his fair share of shows, hit singles and relevance in Ghana music. We really have learnt a lot from him; good or bad.

Hard work Pays


However controversial the Dancehall artiste is, his hard work has paid off over the years with particular reference to this year. He has maintained his relevance in the music industry, this year he toured Europe, rocked Gabon and was one of the most talked about artiste in Ghana. His consistency in releasing tracks shows how hard working he is; plays his own beat, masters it and produces it as well.

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Never Insult Someone’s Mother


It was one thing dissing Samini (of course he had to take that from KK Fosu) but it has been another thing dissing his mother. When Shatta Wale said ‘ Suck your mama’ on stage at the 2014 Guinness Eruption Concert in Accra, Samini showed us that there is no going back for them.

Shatta Wale has done everything possible to repair the relationship this year; going to the extent of offering to play for Samini at the SaminiFest for free. Samini rejected the offer and has openly expressed how hurt he is that Shatta had to go that far.


Apologize When You Have To

shatta stonebwoy

When the going got tougher, Shatta Wale came out to apologize to almost everyone he had offended in the industry. He actually joined Stonebwoy on stage at the 4syte Music Video Awards just to show that all is well between the two. Apologizing to media houses he offended was partly the reason why his music began to get as much radio play as it did.


Leave The Kitchen When Its Hot

Why Shatta and Bulldog are coming back together

Bulldog and Shatta Wale seemed like a good pair until Shatta’s life was threatened. He had showered praises on Bulldog but didn’t stop at leaving when he felt like boundaries were been crossed. Although Bullhause were first to say they were not working with him again, he has made it known that was even leaving before he was dropped.

According to him, Bulldog has been lazy and also threatened his life. This is definitely not the kind of company anyone would want to keep.

At least we got to learn something from the ups and downs of Shatta Wale this year. Hopefully we’d get to learn more from him next year.




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