What you should know about giving gifts this holiday season


It has always been defined as a way to show appreciation for something done for you and without expectations of getting anything in return. Over the years, gift-giving still holds that same value but now comes with a lot of emotions attached to it. This festive season, as you go gift giving know what you gift means and make the maximum impact with your gifts

Hampers, they are the best gifts to give out if you just do not know what to give. For a colleague at your workplace, assorted wine and champagnes would fill the basket while for a lovely friend cakes and other confectioneries could do the trick.

Teddy Bears, they are the next closest things to girls apart from their phones. They cuddle with it every night so during Christmas a teddy bear could definitely bring smiles to a lot of faces. To be on a safer side, a white Teddy bear, maybe Santa Claus’ hat could be thrown on its head to make it more related to the season. Pink and other fancy colors of the bears send different messages including love. You don’t want your gift to send the wrong message

Some things are indeed for men only. Just like bears are to ladies, sneakers are to men. Adidas, Jordans or some Nikes appeal to the guys. You have to know that giving a guy a sneaker during this festive season is a clear indication of affection for him. Unless otherwise stated, he would start to cherish you more than what you would have wanted. The same could be done for your dad except you need to get one that fits his age and status( some tom brogues people!)

During the year, your mom has spoken extensively about that casserole or cutlery set. That fabric she has always been gossiping with you about. Surprising her with an item she holds dear to her heart is the perfect gift for your mom. It may be something of hers that’s broken and you got it fixed. The message you are sending across is you always listen. What do moms love best apart from a son or daughter who listens to her all the time?


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