Gyan’s Scandal: 4 Questions I Have For Sarah Kwablah’s Mom

Sarah Kwablah's mom

Sarah Kwablah's mom

Sarah Kwablah’s mother has called Asamoah Gyan a beast and rapist at the family’s press conference. I’d be asking Sarah Kwablah these questions if she had said justice was not being served to her but she is yet to personally speak to the Attorney General’s decision. Her mother, however, insists the AG’s office has been compromised. I find some inconsistencies in the family’s allegation and I wish to use this platform to ask Ms Kwablah some questions.


Sodomy, How Come Sarah Is Pregnant?
The family has kept to the accusation that the Stars’ skipper forcibly sodomised Sarah Kwablah, which led to her pregnancy. I, however, am not sure how Sarah got pregnant through the anal sex. I’d very much need an insight to how a pregnancy came from the sodomy.


Why Not Show Up For DNA?
Sarah demanded a furnished apartment, a housemaid and a monthly stipend of $1,000 from Asamoah Gyan. I find the demands reasonable considering that Asamoah Gyan earns £225,000 per week. Pending an agreed DNA test, there was an agreement that Gyan would give Sarah an amount of GH¢2000 each month to cover antenatal expenses.

My question is why didn’t Sarah show up as agreed by the parties for a DNA test be conducted to ascertain whether or not Asamoah Gyan was responsible for the pregnancy. This was particularly important since according to the Gyan team, a scan done to get the age of the pregnancy did not tally with the date they had the sexual intercourse.


Your Family Isn’t Rich, How Could You Afford CCTV?
Sarah’s mother says the family is not rich; that her husband was ‘ just a Police Chief Inspector, a station officer’. CCTVs are generally not priorities for NOT RICH people in Ghana. Now, the family, while accusing Gyan in July, said Sarah Kwablah’s apartment has a 24 hour CCTV coverage. For a family which is not rich, I find it difficult to accept that you were able to afford such a service that we in Ghana consider luxurious.


Do You Still Insist Gyan and Kwablah Had No Existing Relationship Prior To The Rape?
I find inconsistencies between the audio files Sarah put out and allegations that she was rape. Granted that people can be raped by their partners while in a relationship, however, the family has moved from claiming Sarah invited Gyan for sex in February after they had had a distant love relationship for a few months to claiming it was rape. The audio files put out by the family suggested that they had an ongoing relationship after the alleged rape and not once was rape mentioned in the series of tapes the family released.

I cannot side with anyone on the recent development but I wish these inconsistencies I find in the case are cleared. Hopefully justice would be served for peace to prevail between both parties.



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