Alleged Ghanaian ISIS-Recruit, Badhan Diallo’s Blog Has Been Updated With A New Post “To The Man That Died”

A few months ago we woke up to news that a number of Ghanaians had joined the Islamic State In Syria (ISIS). Notable amongst the names was one Badhan Diallo, a former student of the University of Ghana. Diallo was believed to be recruiting new members for the Terrorist group.

A blog believed to belong to Badhan has stayed active and shortly after midnight on Thursday, it was updated with a new post titled ‘To The Man That Died’. The post which takes the form of a poem talks of disobedience to Allah, choosing to die a coward or a man, him finding the smell of death pleasing.
If there were any doubts that Badhan was on the path alleged before, this seems to have cleared things up. Below is the full post:

To the Man That Died

To the man that died;

Here’s what you left behind

It’s all here

The glitter… the clothes… the rides

While the the dust of the earth envelops you.
It’s all here;

The mother you feared leaving,

The wife whose warmth kept you negligent

While what you were unsure of embraces you now

What did you send forth?

You obeyed the ayaat of your parents and disobeyed the ayaat of Allah.
Oh wretched soul!

What does the dust feel like?

Has the earth given you its squeeze?

Tell me what you found…
We are the men we are because of our beliefs

How else can we be anything else

Besides a reflection of our hearts

And its desires
Sometimes I imagine myself being

The person you raised me to be

But everyone that knew me well

Had one fear
That fear became a reality

That fear was what I secretly yearned for,
You saw a pit of fire

And I saw life,

You saw an old broken pot

And I saw a pot of gold.
Here’s what I found to be the truth;

I found brothers who fell on the battlefields with their blood smelling of musk,

I found brothers whose corpses smiled like they were alive,

I found a group that stubbornly stick to Quran and sunnah,

I found the terrifying pleasure of the fronts,

I found the smell of death pleasing

And I found the promise of Allah to be true…

You either die a coward

Or die like a man

Whose soul is restless until the shariah of Allah is applied

Or whose soul soars to its Lord while He’s pleased.
Here’s what I found to be the truth

You won’t understand

But I am what I’ve always wanted to be
This life is beautiful…
I swear by Allah

That a bullet through my heart is what I await

I swear by Allah

That an airstrike tearing my body apart is what I await

When my lord is pleased with my efforts

He’ll give me one of the two ends.
But what I pray for

Is the courage to blow myself up in the midst of the enemy

And I know this is another fear you have

So I know my Lord will put the courage in my heart soon
To the man that died

And to his likes still alive;

Will you not reason?


Check out his blog here.


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