Things Every Ghanaian Parent Does In December



December is a fun time for all young people and more stress for adults. We know that Ghanaian parents who take after Kwaku Ananse our common ancestor are the craftiest in the world. Surely your parents do some of these things in December.

Stop Smiling

Familiarity breeds contempt! Any Ghanaian parent who took the course knows that when you play with your children too much especially around Christmas, they will get the effrontery to present their Christmas list to you.

Family Gatherings

Christmas is a time to bond with distant relatives, because we are all one big happy family. Format! Parents know that other relatives will cook for Christmas so they call in advance to say the family will come visiting and save all that chicken and coke money.

Tell You To Study Ahead

Christmas is vacation period which also means there is a new semester in a few weeks so parents need you to be in your room and read ahead after all there are more Christmases after school. What you don’t know is that they don’t want you to dare ask for permission or money to go the beach or mall.

Get Their Math On

Christmas is numbers crunching time for every Ghanaian parent. They need your shoes size +2 and your body measurements +5 because the stuff they will buy for you should last a year. They also need to divide their salaries to cater for the festivities and the next semester. Please lend them a calculator, they paid for it

Organize Clean Up

It is important to clean all traces of dust from the previous year out of the house and rearrange the furniture to look new. Ghanaian parents will make you change your sheets wash all utensils and appliances and shine every corner to meet the New Year. New Year, new looking house

Tell Ghost Stories

December is a time for witches, maame water and ghosts to come to town. Parents won’t allow you to travel long distances for fear of witches causing accidents they will even drag you to the crowded market to prove to you that half the multitude you see are ghosts.


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