Signs That Christmas Is Coming

It is said that coming events cast their shadows before they occur. Christmas is quite a big deal for us Ghanaians and if you didn’t have a calendar, you’d still notice just by observing things around you.

Heavy Vehicular Traffic
When Christmas is a few weeks away, you would realize that traffic as become unbearable, forget about any non life-threatening trips to Accra central. It will take at least an extra 30 minutes from your house to places where you often visit and public transport drivers will be at the height of their tom-foolery. look closely and discern the times.

Human Traffic
Christmas is shopping time for many people and for the life of me, I don’t know why people wait till the end of the year to shop. Market places become so crowded you’d wonder where all those people had been in May,June and August. There is literally no place to put your foot.

Escalated Prices
For some reason market women tend to add all their Christmas expectations to the price of their wares and increase prices abnormally. Foodstuff double in price and fabrics along with other Christmas shopping list staples.

The big shops who are “smarter” give huge discounts… allegedly. if you look closely, you’d realize they only inflated the price and reduced it to the original price and printed it on fliers and billboards in the name of Christmas Promo.

Fire crackers, “bandger” or whatever you call them suddenly surface from nowhere, along with mischievous kids who wont hesitate to scare your legs from beneath you. You can’t have a moment of peace and quiet… well unless you live in a bouggie  hood. But for regular people, knockouts are the harbingers of Christmas

The most telling symptom of Christmas on people is not their clothes or cheerful demeanor. Check their Skin, lips and heels. Dry skin, ashy knees and cracked heels and lips are forerunners of the Christmas festivities.

There are these funny small lights that come in several colors, we used to call them “disco lights” back when we could afford to be silly. These lights surface in every square inch of our homes and offices, malls, roundabouts… smh.


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