Power Barge Was This Our Pledge?

power barge
I laid down my pen and paper for a couple of weeks and there are more exercises in mediocrity going on. First God bless Ghana!
My brothers and sisters, come let’s reason together. I think this is an admonishing in the Bible by which they swore to uphold and defend the good name of Ghana. Let me start by asking whether we are at war with any country or ourselves? I ask because power barges can be said to be existing ships that are modified for power generation. They were initially developed during WW II by General Electric for the War Production Board as transportable large-scale power generation source.
Fast-forward 2015, Ghana, a country so enviable by powers that be, ceremoniously welcomes a power barge praised by leaders who aren’t shameful should the words of our national pledge be read to them.
If indeed the power minister claims to deserve a medal for bringing it in, yes let’s give him one. One that has “OH HAIL MEDIOCRE” boldly inscribed on it for generations that will follow to witness how well our tax monies help managers of the country not to think more than the span of election intervals.


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