6 Ways To Vent After A Paper Has Rocked You

Examinations have a way of messing with your head and ruining your mood especially when you have other papers lined up. It is however possible to get over the difficult paper and channel your energies into making the remaining papers turn out better



Break something

After burning the midnight oil… or not, you should be mad that the paper had the nerve to rock you. You should totally go into your room and break every breakable object; TV, mugs, plates, microwave… break them all and see how good you will feel after that. If you want my advice, start with the lecturer’s head.

Cuss Them Out

Cuss out everyone who made the paper difficult for you. From the vice chancellor through the lecturer and course rep to the invigilator. Them all dema mordas!


If you are truly convinced you tanked the paper, cry. That is about the only thing you can do about the situation anyway. Let all the frustration out and clear your head for the papers ahead. Don’t mind those who tell you not to cry over spilt milk. Please cry, the catharsis is good for you.

Get High Or Drunk

Everyone has a drug of choice and a failed paper is a good excuse as any to indulge. Whether it is cupcakes, ice cream, alcohol or kenkey – if you are a Ga girl, it should make you feel better afterwards.

Start Saving For Re-Sit

To give you an indication that you are being proactive about the rocking/rockment/rockation, you can start saving toward re-sitting the paper. Tell family and friends to contribute toward a worthy cause and convince yourself you are doing something about the situation.

Call On Jesus

Or Mohammed, Budha, Antoa or whoever it is that can save you. Make sure you settle all arrears in the form of tithes, pledges and offerings and call on your God to send angels to right your wrongs or blind the one marking your script. I’m sure your God can also change the final results anyway so why worry?


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