Folks, These Are 4 Things To Do When All Your Mates Start Getting Married

Do you feel left out because all your mates are sending you their wedding invites? Worry no more, I have sure ways to get you out of these trying times.

Buy A Mirror

I hope you get a sense of reassurance from buying a mirror.  Reassurance that all is not lost my sister—your boobs aren’t falling yet, skin not wrinkling yet.There is still time and hope. If that’s not assurance enough, then I don’t know what is.


Mallams/Pastors At Convenience

MOGPA, Kwaku Bonsam, Obinim, Ebenezer, you name them!!  I’m letting the secret out. You know that pastor behind your house? I mean where a lot of pretty ladies frequent. That’s your ticket to marriage . Thank me later.



Grow Beard And Go Bald

For the guys, Team #BeardGang can easily land you into marriage. So start growing it and going bald as well, who knows, your luck might shine. If it’s not working, find a way to grow grey hair.



Lower Your Standards

You are living in your dad’s rented apartment  with no job and your family has no car. Now, you want a 30 year old nice looking guy who is 6ft tall with his own house, two cars, a lucrative white collar job and no sakawa issues? Okay, let me get you a seat and start waiting for eternity..





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