5 Changes You Will See In A Final Year Female

uni girls

Final year in uni is a big deal for many people especially ladies who have to cope with the emotions of becoming a woman and cutting off dependence on their parents. They change certain things to reflect how they feel internally.


Usually ladies will do something drastic with their hair, like cut it all off, dye it or add some crazy highlights. They’ll also probably lock it or go natural.


Ladies will want to carry a certain air about them, and they’ll inculcate it in their fashion. They will probably do a total overhaul of their wardrobe or add new details to their old wardrobe.


Aha! This is the big one. Do u know any Christian ladies who became violently atheist in final year? Yup! A lot of introspection comes with being in final year and leads to an evaluation of a person’s relationship with God and whether He has pulled his weight in the relationship. Some also get closer to God in final year.


Ever wondered why a beautiful relationships that started in first year ended abruptly? Ladies will realize in final year the urgency of marriage, and will likely dump a guy who does promise them that in the next 3 years.


Ever noticed that in final year ladies pay more attention to their appearance? They spend time on YouTube watching make-up tutorials, they affect a slur in their English and generally carry themselves in a more lady-like manner



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