5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started University

why your parents must know if yuou arent graduating

why your parents must know if yuou arent graduatingThe parties, socialization and ohh girls/ boys make University life worthwhile. Regardless of the fun I had going through school, I wish I knew these things before I started off…

Don’t be afraid of your lecturers
Your lecturers are not ‘kakai’, try getting to know them at all times. You get to cut down on the troubles with securing recommendation letters and sorting out grade problems just by knowing your lecturers. Imagine turning up for a lecture late, wouldn’t it be easier to cool down the lecturer if you knew him? For your own good ooo

Never let an opportunity slide
By now, yall know that opportunities come flowing on University campuses like a fountain—from grabbing to trendy stuff . You gat to remember the four years is supposed to be the best years of your life, chill up and make the best of it. Errmm, if there’s a big party out there, step in and groove to the music, life is too short. You dnt wanna be the silent one when your peers are discussing the fun times in school.

Cover you base
Literally, It’s a big campus but it’s a big world out there. Chill up but cover your bases, grade-wise. It’d be sad to have to drop out in the middle of the fun because the school thinks your grade is not good enough.

You can’t win every time!
Gosh!! I wouldn’t have bothered myself with a lotta things if I knew this thing. Life is tricky, unno, but University life is even trickier. You may gbaa sometimes, get F in some subjects, likewise you won’t always get what you want. Not every chick/guy is gonna give in to you but that shouldn’t scare you off. Keep on keeping on with whatever you wanna do, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. You lose today, pick yourself up and make a better day out of tomorrow.

You won’t be best friends with the people you meet first

Its OK that the people you meet in your first semester won’t necessarily be your best friends forever. You later figure the azontos from the gees, make your pick and leave them behind. Its not exactly a crime,just the system.


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