Everything You Need To Know About Mama Zimbi’s Headgear


Akumaa Mama Zimbi has kept people awake on radio and social media, listening to her or talking about her. One thing that has given me sleepless nights concerning her is her flamboyant head gear. I have taken it upon myself to support her campaigns by launching #WearYourDukuNow. Do you know how much Brazilian weave money will be saved? Meanwhile, I need to try and demystify the legendary headgear.

What Makes It So Big?

We all know Mama Zimbi is several yards of wife material so she piles it all on her head and ties it up into an elaborate headgear.


Does She Ever Take It Off?

Nope! Not even when she is having sex


Isn’t It Too Much Burden On Her Neck?

Not at all. Her neck has to be exercised too and since there are no dumbbells for the neck, her duku and numerous beads will ensure the neck packs she needs to practice her alikoto sex position (keep your ears on the ground for that one)


Does It Ever Get In Her Way?

I don’t know about her but this photographer isn’t about to waste precious megapixels on some damned duku so he cropped some parts out.


Does It Serve Other Purposes?

Oh hell yeah! It serves as a shade for her face against the cruel Ghanaian sun and in these unpredictable dumsor times, she can take it off and fan herself when the AC stops working.


What Is The Science Behind It?

This is a bit hard to explain to y’all non-scientific people. Let’s just say she needs to keep her hotness inside, even in cold climates.


How Long Has This Duku Business Been Going On?

Since the hey-days of Paapa Yankson when he needed human reflectors to light up his stage


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