4 Reasons Why A Life Without An IPhone Is Not Worth It

Hmmmmm, I had to breath in for forever seconds to imagine how the heck anyone lives in this era without an iPhone, that’s like living with life itself.  So basically life is about getting fed, laid,  knowledge etc right? This is how iPhones make life worth it.

Killed By Hunger

Free pass to food, wondering how? Get an iPhone and start meeting waakye sellers. They’d just give you waakye to pay later because they trust iPhone users to always pay them back, LOL.

Background picture made of colored wood boards
Background picture made of colored wood boards

You Can’t Get Laid

I want to imagine taking a number from a new girl without an iPhone. That’s like fetching water from a well without a cup-how does that even work? Girls these days start typing the wrong number when they realize the phone you gave them is not an iPhone. So to those without iPhones, how the heck do you get laid ?



No Heartbeat

Once in a while everyone has to feel their heart beat, iPhones are your sure way to a heart beat, yes, a real heart beat to show that you are alive and healthy. Wondering how? The few seconds picking an iPhone which accidentally fell is the defining moment of your life. Courtesy iPhones,your heart gets to beat in all the two thousand and something beats possible.


Everything You Need

Having iPhones mean you’d never lack anything. iPhone’s Siri knows everything and makes everything possible. In fact ask it to change your pants and  it’d find a way to make that happen. What else do you need in life?

siri. You can tell




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