GFA Dares Anas To Present Evidence Of Corruption

Anas judges sacked

Anas almost became impotent

Head of Tiger Eye Private Investigations, Anas Aremeyaw Anas has hinted on plans of exposing corruption at the Ghana Football Association. In an interview with Starr FM, Anas noted that there is some rot at the GFA which he has the prima facie evidence of but he’d let time be the decider.

Earlier on, a report by a Global anti-corruption body called Transparency International suggested that Ghana is amongst the most corrupt Football Associations in Africa.

However, speaking on Atinka FM this morning, GFA’s Executive Committee Member Winfred Osei Palmer challenged Anas to publish the said evidence, claiming that the financial administration of the association is intact.

GFA as an institution is not scared of any Anas and his operations unless he conducted the investigation in aspects like national team recruitment and how players are invited.

In the past, GFA boss Kwasi Nyakyi has continually refuted claims of corruption at the association; daring anyone who has evidence of such misconduct to come forward with it.

Eighty to eighty-five percent of statements against the GFA are all false. People keep on saying the members at the FA are corrupt. If someone says you have embezzled money there must be an evidence of the money you have embezzled.

If someone has any evidence of Kwesi Nyantakti been corrupt, you can report me to the Police for an investigation to take place to know whether it is true or not.

The rumours and the false statements are too much about the GFA. I’m not surprised the interest is so high because it is everywhere. Passion for soccer in Argentina, Brazil, Nigeria and Ghana are the same.

Between Anas and Kwasi Nyantakyi, who is telling the truth? Lets make time the decider of the truth.


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