5 Things You Should Never Say To A Legon Girl – Ever!

Legon girls are fun and exciting until you slip up and say the wrong thing. Here are the Top 5 things you should never say to a Legon girl!

1. The Car Is Not Mine 
“You mean to tell me, we will start taking Taxis when your brother returns from Singapore?”


2. Let’s split the bill

“It is your head I will split if you don’t hurry and pay for this food. Don’t forget to tip the waitress too”


3. Which bus stop should I get down at? 

“Bus stop? Why would you want to know where the bus stop is? Are you not driving? No? Oh then I’m not at home”


4. I’m getting you Ice cream? Do you want FanIce or FanYogo 
“Your mates who ask ‘Ci Gusta’ or ‘Arlecchino’ do they have two heads?”
5.  I am saving so let’s not celebrate Val’s day this year

“Is that so? Touch me and see if you won’t need Jesus to save you”


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