6 Courses You Don’t Wan’t Anyone To Know You Study In The University

Running parallel to the the jokes about which university is the best are the jokes about which courses are the worst to study. These are the courses that guarantee the future image of a sweaty Uni graduate with his brown paper envelope filled with C.Vs no one wants to read… because dondology. Smh

Let’s go through a list of 5 of what are possibly the worst courses you would remotely consider studying . I’m only trying to help you avoid a life of permanent explanations that no one wants to hear anyway. The dread that will fill your heart every time you are with friends and have to talk about school, praying that the ground will swallow you before it gets to your turn.

If you’ve already made this decision, this piece is just to mock your folly and let you know, you will never live this down. No matter how successful you become in life you will always be that guy who studied dondology in school.


“Ma lecturer dey like do tests too much, ah”

“The lecturers, of late dier, so noor o! You sef, we course you dey do”

“Oh me, I dey do Twi”

I mean, you go through all those years of school to come and study twi in the university??!

Why didn’t you just live in a compound house and save yourself and your parents all the wasted money. Or better yet, live in a compound house and listen to Peace FM all day while you’re at it.



“Oh me, ma course be interesting paa o”

“Wey course”


“True, true; I dey dig what you dey talk”

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“The whole world, ma course wey it hard”

“Wey course?”

“Religious studies”



“Ah, but you sef, you know say I never know the course you dey do”.




“So you if you fini school, what you go take your degree do”

“Oh more things dey I go fit do”

“Like what”

“Oh more things”

“Like what”



“Ah, but you I never see say you dey hold book before. What course you dey do”

“Music and Dance

“So your degree, them go write First Class for top or them go write Terry Bonchaka for top”

Instead of say you dey learn for SS, you dey fool. Right now, see some course. You this


  1. I studied Dance Studies and Theatre Arts and i am so proud of the course. Discipline, Hardwork and Confidence are the benefits i gained from my four years. I have never been ashamed of calling myself a dancer and i will always encourage anyone who has the passion for arts to choose the School of Performing Arts. What happened to follow your passion?


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