6 Types Of Guys Every Uni Girl Needs


Being away from friends and loved ones is stressful, and everywhere a girl goes she’s got to survive right? So ladies, while you are in school praying God to bless you with a superman, you will need these 5 guys to hold you down.

Cuddle Buddy

To take care of your emotional needs, to talk about random nothings and to prevent you from being lonely

Chow Buddy

A girl’s got to eat right? He should either be a good cook or know where to find ’em. He should have no qualms about paying for your meals… you should also pay for his once a while. You don’t want to come off as a leech

Handy Buddy

You will need a manly man to carry stuff around for you, threaten insolent guys around you and so on. For instance, how do you move your new plasma TV to your room on the 3rd floor? Or who will move your fridge upstairs? It’s gotta be the handy buddy

Study Buddy

This guy is your ticket to 1st class. He will help you get handouts, explain stuff to you and even do assignments for you if you’re lucky. But there’s a catch; he’s got to be smart!

Party Buddy

There are people who know how to turn up! Every girl needs one in her life. School is about work and play and when work is done, you need someone who knows how to unwind in style. He should be able to get you access to all the clubs and parties and take care of you when you get drunk or high.


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