5 People You Don’t Want To Meet At Night Market

Sometimes you are hungry and you need to dash quickly to night market to save a country on fire. There are certain people you absolutely do not look forward to meeting in the “ablajo” or “Daavi Feli” queue.

Your Crush

This can totally distort you equilibrium. Your crush behind you in a waakye queue can force you to buy way more than you intended or leave the queue and return to Volta hall on an empty stomach

That Person You Owe

When you go to night market to treat yourself, the last person you want to see is the guy you owe a few cedis. You cannot owe someone and eat; it’s against the 1992 constitution

Your Lecturer

Meeting your lecturer buying food at night market is awkward for both of you. Its is preferable that you two don’t meet in such places at all. So lecturers please stay in your lane and leave night market for students

Your Group Leader

When you dodge a group meeting and put on the WhatsApp page that you are sick or you’ve gone home, the last person you want to bump into at night market is the group leader. You go make busy pass thief them catch am for Makola

Your Church Members

You know God is punishing you when your campus denomination declares a fast at Miracle Centre and you don’t go and they bump into you buying food at night market on their way to Nelson


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