9 Things You Didn’t Know About UT Boss Kofi Amoabeng

kofi amoabeng

kofi amoabeng

UT boss Kofi Amoabeng revealed interesting bits of himself  on Morning Starr a news morning talkshow on Starr FM hosted by Nii Arday Clegg.

He Has One Shoe

Everybody knows I still have only one watch, I have one shoe, I don’t care about all the others…wait, I have two but I wear only one. I don’t know the state of the other one,

To me those things don’t matter, the same shoe, very comfortable. When I think it’s getting a bit too old I enter a shop, I pick a new one and leave the old one. You would want your feet to be comfortable. I have only one wrist watch too, a gift from my partner, so the Rolex’s and all those things don’t mean anything to me

He Taught At Accra Academy

Contrary to what we thought that he was an old boy of Accra Academy, he actually isn’t. He just taught at the school.

He Has 8 kids With 7 Women

Women are brought up to own men and I wasn’t brought into this world to be owned by any woman.  I have 8 kids and the women involved are 7.

He Is A Christian But Doesn’t Pay Tithe

I believe in God, I believe there is a creator; if you don’t like, call it nature but for me as a Christian, it’s God. However, I don’t pay tithe. I won’t give one tenth of my money to anyone and no one can force me.

He Doesn’t Believe In Heaven Or Hell

I go to church once in a long while, when there is a wedding or a funeral. I don’t believe in the afterlife, I believe that you have to do what is right and that your heaven and earth is here, I don’t think there is anything anywhere,

He Has Been Divorced Twice

I have been divorced twice…Marriage is like the United Nations to me, once there have been 2 Wars – avoid the 3rd

He Has 8 Kids Within The  Ages 6 to 40

The 63 year old has 8kids and his grandchild is actually older than his youngest child. Having a child of 40years means he had his first child at 23.


He Doesn’t Know How Much He Is Worth

It doesn’t come as a surprise since Goldman pegged him at the 57th richest person in Ghana with a net worth  of $170m.

Sarkodie Is  A Personal Friend

The BET award winner is his buddy. He believes they have a lot of things in common and meet up from time to time.



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