6 Types Of People You Will Meet At Your First Lecture

Being in a new place is tough, you have to look around and scan the environment and make the extremely hard choice of finding a persona that will fit the crowd. In the meantime, you can have fun finding these people in your first lecture while you find yourself.


This person is not hard to spot at all. He will complete the lecturer’s sentences, adlib points to those sitting around and ask ridiculous questions containing all the new words he learnt that week. He will ead notes ahead of class and ask questions from L400 students’ course notes


Ever spotted a fine girl in your first class before? Usually the blondie has makeup as thick as emulsion paint, wears colorful clothing and smiles randomly to betray her cluelessness. She will give the most unbelievably wrong answers to questions, you will be inspired to make an enquiry into how she made it into the school.

W’aba town fresh

That guy who asks ridiculous questions about obvious stuff. Is this PSYCH101 class? Oh so that’s Prof Asante teaching, errrm is this the New N Block? Please how far from Commonwealth hall to Vandal City?


Those people who come off as being nice and starting a conversation but are low-key bragging. “Hello I like your MK bag, my dad bought me one at an auction in Lisbon but I have his covetous aunt who took it from me by force. Oh and your phone is Galaxy S6 hahaa, I have paid for S9 on pre-order”

Clueless Deebee

Do you notice the kid who parks his Venza noisily halfway into a lecture and permeates the entire block with his expensive Louis Vuitton fragrance, forget hi designer clothing ensemble, that’s the deebee. He’s probably a fee paying student and his WASSCE certificate is as useful as a $99 bill

Sharkus Brakus

This is the serious student who will shush you even when you want to sneeze. He will write down every word the lecturer says and reproduce ther verbatim in an examination. You will ususally fin out that this person is first to go to the library and will probably fight with the security man because he is closing the doors 5 minutes early


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