3 Reasons Why Shatta Wale Will Make A U-turn To Bull Dog

Why Shatta and Bulldog are coming back together

Why Shatta and Bulldog are coming back together

The relationship between Shatta Wale and Bull dog seems to have reached an impasse with Shatta already shopping for a new manager , but is this really going to be the end? I’d like to think it’s not over yet and this is why

They Made Each-other

Bulldog had success managing VIP, Five-five and Nii , but the teamwork with Shatta Wale was amazing. They seemed like the dream team and i don’t think either of them will want to lose that.


Shatta Is Used To Making U-turns

Shatta Wale has been a bit unstable in his relationships with music industry people. One time he is dissing Samini, Khaki and Charter House (including Charter House boss, Iyiola Ayoade ), another moment he is apologizing to everyone.  With this track record, we shouldn’t be surprised to wake up to an apology letter to Bulldog.


They Love Publicity Stunts

Can you count the number of times these two have been in the news for various stunts? It wouldn’t come as a surprise if this is one of their games. This will be a new a low, but let us keep our fingers crossed.


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