Charlie Sheen Is HIV Positive And You Won’t Believe His Sex Preference

Charlie was diagnosed 4years ago

Charlie was diagnosed 4years ago

Two and a half men star Charlie Sheen has admitted to having the HIV virus. Apparently he has had it for four years and has paid over $10m to blackmailers just to keep the illness a secret.

Well, his HIV status had been rumoured to be positive for a while now so that doesn’t come as a shock. His alleged sex preference on the hand comes as a shock to many who thought Charlie was straight. According to reports by, Anna Gristina, known as ‘Soccer Mom Madam’ claims she had been providing pre-op transgender women to Charlie and his ex-wife, Brook Mueller. Pre-op transgender women are transsexuals who still have their sex organ.

There had been earlier reports alleging that Charlie was bisexual but this specific revelation suggests that Charlie had his bisexual encounters along with his wife. It is however unclear how he managed to pull this off.




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