6 Things You Wish You Knew In Primary School

Things No One Wanted To Hear As A Kid

Primary school formed a pivotal part of your upbringing; learning about yourself, keeping up with your homework, T.V shows and school activities. You really wish you knew these things going through Primary School

The Homework Isn’t Going To Do Itself
Spending late nights watching movies would have been better spent actually doing the homework. You didn’t have to wait until the next morning to deal with the homework in a hurry.

Your Savings Aren’t Yours
You remember the time you gave your savings to your mum to keep for when you needed it? Im sure you wish you knew you were never never getting that money back. You keep badgering your mum for that money and she refers you everything she spends on you on a daily basis.

Early To Bed Means Early To Rise
The times you stayed up late on Sundays watching Akan drama and still hoping to wake up early on your own wouldn’t have happened if you knew early to bed meant early to rise. Maybe you wouldn’t have been late to school and you would have saved yourself six strokes of the cane
Your Friend Was Lying About Having Sex
How many of us got to have sex during our primary school days? Well, that friend who seemed to know everything about sex was probably watching with his elder siblings and appropriating the experience.
Shutting Up Is Possible
Okay, so names of talkertives and drama that comes with it wouldn’t have been your concern if you knew shutting up was actually possible. I mean how difficult was it to keep quiet for the period when names of talkertives were being written?

Mental Is Easy
The early morning math mental has a format after all. It would have been easier to learn if you knew it had a pattern. See the picture below, anything looks like a pattern there? I’m sure you’d have escaped those canes if you knew this.

Things You Wish You Knew In Primary School

Primary school gave you great memories but if you knew these things, you probably wouldn’t have bothered yourself with many things.


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