How To Be A Mean Girl In 5 Easy Steps

As a lady, you should arm yourself with as many tricks and personas as possible. One important way of getting rid of annoying people or time wasters is to pull the Mean Girl card. I have compiled five simple ways to pull it off… you can thank me with a bottle of Rose’.

Look Through Them

Ever met someone at a place where you can’t swerve or hide? Look right through them like they are a glass wall. Don’t give any indication that you’ve noticed them. Some people try to cramp your style and holla at you loudly “hey! So-and-so (some morons will even mention your high school nickname) don’t you recognize me?” just relax give a fake smile and say “I know thee not!”

Forget Their Name

This is the ultimate mean girl stunt. When that annoying person insists they know you, admit you remember them vaguely and attempt to recollect their name. MAKE SURE YOU GET IT WRONG! For instance her name is Fantasia, you should say, “oh my God! Fukushima, it’s been ages”

Compliment Her

Ever noticed how something stands out oddly in a person’s fashion ensemble? Compliment them. For instance, their sunglasses reminds you of the gospel trio called THE BLIND MESSIAHS, you should say how lovely you think they look in the glasses and add who it reminds you of.

Remember Something

Was there any embarrassing incident the person was involved in? Mention it casually like it just crossed your mind as an afterthought. For instance. “Do you still hear from Jane? I don’t imagine you two are still friends especially since you stole her sneakers and she took it off your feet at the stadium”


You know that thing where some people ask questions which you are convinced they shouldn’t know about? Sarcasm is the way to go. They will ask “so where are you now?” you can say “currently I’m at American house trying to get to work on time but there’s this person all up in my face like an airbag”


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