All You Need To Know About The Shatta Wale/ Yvonne Nelson Brawl

Yvonne Vs Shatta

Yvonne Vs Shatta

You probably heard the run down between Shatta Wale and Yvonne Nelson at the Conference Centre during the 4syte Music Video Awards. Well, Yvonne Nelso is not over the whole issue yet, neither is the bad boy of GH dancehall. Lets analyze the issue from the perspective of both of them.

Yvonne Is Probably Right

Ever seen Shatta Wale’s entourage? Like a president’s convoy with a couple dozen guys acting all hyper. These guys could kill you and won’t even notice they killed anyone. If I were Yvonne, I’d be pissed if one of his ‘guys’ manhandled me, knowing that I’m probably a bigger celebrity than he is. But did that warrant ‘disgracing’ him in public? Maybe not!

Shatta Has An Angle Too

Shatta Wale insists he came with just four bodyguards and his wife. Isn’t that a lot? It’s Shatta Wale and nothing is too much for him. So his angle is that maybe his fans who came at him over there pushed Yvonne and not his personal guards. The point seems like a reasonable one because not every one of his fans is under his control. He really doesn’t see what goes on behind his back, if you know what I mean.

Who Is Apologizing?

For now, Shatta is at the receiving end, trying every way possible to make his point that he didn’t push Yvonne intentionally. But is he okay that Yvonne talked to her that way?? No, not at all… and he is not getting over that anytime soon. For Yvonne Nelson, the issue is her back case, she doesn’t want anything to do with the case again, talkless of apologizing to anyone about it. Between the two,there is a higher chance of Shatta apologizing.

Who Really Cares?

Yh, who cares what the two do as long as it doesn’t get in our business. Think through again…. It’s Shatta and Yvonne, they both are outspoken in their section of art. Do we really want to deal with their ‘wrath’? Aheaaa, Dumsor saf we are dealing with, they can kill each other for all we care, LOL.