5 Very Random, Probably Important Facts About Blue Jeans


Anyone can wear a pair of jeans. A pair of trousers named the most popular and comfy casual cloth of the world comes in shades of blue (most popular) or any color of choice, different fits as well: skinny, buggy, tattered, faded, extreme tight, pencil (am awaiting eraser), tapered, slim, straight, boot cut, cigarette bottom, narrow bottom, low waist, anti-fit, and flare,”Distressed” (visibly aged and worn, but still intact and functional).

I bet you don’t know these things about the most casual cloth of the world now. I have compiled 5 for you.


Blue jeans were actually an accidental discovery in the 18th century, when people in Nimes, France attempted to replicate a sturdy Italian fabric called Serge. What they created was “serge de Nimes” or, as it’s been shortened to, “denim.” Hence, Denim jeans.

Yet Americans claim they originated it.


It’s A Name

Research on the trade of jean fabric shows that it emerged in the cities of Genoa, Italy, and Nimes, France. Gênes, the French word for Genoa, may be the origin of the word “jeans” (tell me the american word for it in case you come across it, thanks).


First Manufacturers

Levi Strauss & Co. owned by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss made the first blue jeans –– in 1873, precisely May 20, 1873 in the USA. The first jeans was called Original 501® or simply XX (i don’t know the meaning myself).


Target Market

Jeans had humble beginnings as tough work clothes, originally designed for miners and cowboys. Later gained popularity among Polo players, because their pants easily got ruined while they rode through brambles on a horse, and I suppose it’s not very aristocratic to ride around in front of a group of spectators with a gaping hole in your pants. It saved them the embarrassment.



In world war II in 1941, US soldiers put on jeans giving the product it’s first international exposure.  James Dean popularized blue jeans in the movie Rebel Without a Cause in 1955. He wore a T-shirt, a leather jacket, and jeans, a uniform men began copying immediately. Still worn to this day.

Anytime you put on a pair of jeans, remember its journey.