4 Reasons Why Girls Don’t Like Vandals (Commonwealth Guys)

Things vandals didnt know about themselves

Things vandals didnt know about themselves

Vandals!!! Vandals!! Vandals! The gnashing is too much up there and you guys need t to get your stuff together. You guys want to know why the ladies don’t dig you? Let me help you out.

You Scare The Ladies

I don’t know how the  I am a Vandal line could possibly win a lady over, unless of course the lady is caught in a position where she needs a body guard to save her from violence. Most of these ladies get scared by the mention of Vandals because you people are excessively rowdy when you descend.

Volta Girls Pull You Back

How often do you come across a Volta hall girl whose guy is a Vandal? Almost never. Sad thing is the Vandals themselves don’t even know this ugly truth. Most of the girls you are trying to get with think you have a girl at Volta but we know you only go to Volta to charge…your cell phones.

You Guys Are Too Raw

You guys are so blunt; no filter whatsoever; never a touch of discretion. You know how fragile ladies are, you don’t have to go that hard on them everytime.

The Hill Is Work Itself

She wants to date you not start a workout routine. The hill is a turn off and no one wants to come there that often; especially considering how you all act when a girl comes around.

Sweaty, Busy For Nothing

Half the time Vandals are busy for nothing, sweating and acting like you are on a secret mission sorts. Yh, we get that it’s hilly up there and probably tiring going up and down. But you guys need to chill – just a little bit.







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