14 Struggles That Are Too Real For Anyone Who Has Had To Resit A Paper

When you first find out you have to resit a paper


So you go to your lecturer to do something about it and he is like


Then you call to ask your mother to help you pay for the resit

whose money

When you go to pay and you meet your mate who was taking extra sheet during the paper also paying for his resit

am so confuse

When the junior who is supposed to help you study for the course starts talking to you anyhow

confused baby

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When the time table comes out and the resit clashes with your other papers

cyurs bean hand on head

When the resit day comes and you’re dressed so no one can recognise you

dress disguise

When You Get To The Exam Venue late and the Invigilator is asking people to get inside

dont rush me

You enter the exam room and see your juniors from high school staring at you

everyone staring at you

The questions come and you realise you don’t get what is going on 

tiegen face

So you ask someone close to you for an answer and they tell you


And one of your juniors comes to you after the paper asking why they saw you in their exam room


You spend your whole vacation like


Then the results come out and you get a solid D


But you realise you have another resit from that semester you wrote the resit




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