Are You Graduating? This Is Why Your Parents Should Know

why your parents must know if yuou arent graduating

why your parents must know if yuou arent graduating Yawa alert!!!! On a low key, a lot of us probably have friends who aren’t graduating this year. Caught between telling or hiding it from your parents? This is why they must know…

I Get The Pressure But….
Okay, so the you wasted our money whining and the ‘kohwini’ pressure becomes intense when your parents realize you couldn’t graduate with your year batch. Thinking of not telling them? Consider the ‘bring your certificate’ pressure? Ohhhh, that pressure dey bore pass particularly when they need it to help you find a job.


They Can Lie For You
So Adwoa, why didn’t Kojo go for his graduation?
Hmmm, my sister, he has hernia oo, he can’t even step out of the house.
Yh, right! Parents can help you evade the unnecessary questions from neighbors. They’ve been around long enough to know how to handle their B.S.


Ride Or Die Hommie

You need a ride or die partner whiles you prepare to fix your mistakes. A friend from another mother works fine but your parents work even better. Lets take this scenario–

Its time for you to rewrite the papers you failed. Now, imagine staying at Tamale with your parents, what the heck is gonna be your excuse for going all the way to UST-Kumasi?

It gets easier for you when they know what you are up to.