An Insight into the NOIRES Shirt Brand

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NOIRES is a T-shirt clothing line that has not only captivated the youth across tertiary institutions in the nation but the fashion industry as a whole in Ghana. It all began in February 2012 in Mfantsipim School with two friends; Stephen & Israel who were designing letters and decided to move into T-Shirts. Customized T-shirts to be precise, with various inscriptions, artworks, messages and more. Three years on, both Stephen and Israel are in their 3rd year studying in KNUST and the University of Ghana respectively. NOIRES is now well acclaimed mainly in the various tertiary institutions in Ghana, from the University of Ghana, to KNUST, UCC and others. I’m sure you’ve seen your course mates, friends and acquaintances in some of these shirts.



I could see the passion with which Stephen, one of the founding partners spoke as I interviewed him. ‘NOIRES is the French Word for black, but it later developed into an acronym ‘’No One Is Restricted’’ mainly based on the impact we seek to have on our peers and colleagues’


The Genesis of NOIRES was tough, challenging and demanding not only for these two gentlemen but also for Melvin Asiedu, Jeffery Kotei & Michael Baah who were tasked to push the brand and help boost publicity and awareness on the various campuses. One major challenge every single entrepreneur faces especially in the fashion INDUSTRY is the growing competition and demand for high quality standards. ‘getting people to buy our t-shirts was our major challenge, in that we weren’t popular and in Ghana even though you are doing great stuff if the person doesn’t know you, its difficult convincing the person to buy your product.’ Stephen said. ‘The NOIRES brand doesn’t mainly look to compete toe to toe with other designers. Branding is key, once you brand yourselves well, competition becomes a guide’ ‘we had all sorts of words of discouragement from various individuals, calling us all sorts of names such as ‘greedy boys’.


Today, NOIRES has moved from just customized T-shirts into making its own designs. With attention now on its newest design on the market ‘The Egyptian Series’ which is made up triangles & stars



‘We use pyramids, it doesn’t have any illuminati backing but we believe that the different shapes and how they are aligned together would represent the different people we have in our lives and how we prioritize them.’ ‘There are more Egyptian Series set to hit the market soon’ Stephen said.


The future in general looks bright, it is always a pleasure seeing young students making strives in their own way or the other.


Stephen indicated that there are plans in place to make the NOIRES brand a household name when it comes to fashion by expanding to other forms of fashion other than T-shirts. Developing from the national scene to West Africa, Africa and Worldwide.





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