4 Reasons Why You Need An Adidas Yeezy Boost That Have Nothing To Do With Fashion

The Yeezy boots collection since it was launched has seen a lot of backlash especially on social media. The outcry is mainly about how expensive the boots are and the aesthetic appeal or lack of it. There are also many other people that love to hate on Kanye for the heck of it. Functionally though, the Yeezy boots are worth the investment.

Zombie Apocalypse

Those of who have watched “The Walking Dead” and “World War Z” know by now how inevitable and immediate a zombie apocalypse it. We do not know when but we wouldn’t want to be caught unawares. A sole of a Yeezy boot is solid enough to deliver a deathly blow to a creepy zombie coming at you with glazed eyes. You just need one foot firm on the ground enough to deliver a Bruce Lee kick to the skull of the zombie and you are guaranteed to see its head rolling on the floor in-front of you.


One of the major complaints about Kanye’s fashion line is the excessive use of earth colors. Most of his designs come in dark shades of green and brown. Perfect if you ask me; Kanye considered the cost of laundering such thick boots and added it to the selling price so you’ll not need to wash them ever! The colors won’t ever disgrace you by showing dirt, or task you to keep them clean. The only effort you have to make is to earn money to pay for it and you’re good.


Have you seen the sole of the Yeezy boots? They are guaranteed to last your entire life time even to the third and fourth generation. You also have Kanye’s wealth to sue for, when your great-grandson wears the boot and it gets spoilt.


Depending on what you do for a living, you could kill two birds with one Yeezy Boot. If you work in a construction site, a morgue or a carpentry shop, your Yeezy boot could make an eccentric fashion statement as you slay on your way to work and protect your precious feet while you work in a hazardous environment. Sweet deal huh?

Body Sculpt

It gets hard to juggle time between work, play and exercise especially when social media demands all your attention. The weight of the Yeezy boot which I can guess by looking at the thickness of the sole, is enough to make a ten minute walk in them equal a thirty minute run on a treadmill. Basically, walking from your house to your car and from your car to the mall and back in Yeezy boots is enough to tone your calves and give your body more fitness from the little business of leisurely walking. I highly recommend them for anyone who needs to lose weight fast; make yeezy boots your church shoes, work shoes, bathroom slippers and of course trainers and see how much more weight you lose in little time. The cherry on top is how your calves will become firm like the thighs of an akonfem roasted by an Aboki.


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