What Your Girl’s Favorite Musician Says About Her

People choose their favorite musician because they either relate with the lyrics, the artiste himself or they just have a crush on them. Either ways, knowing a person’s favorite artiste will tell you what to expect from them.


Kanye West

She definitely loves herself more than you and you are just there to make her look good. She’s more complex than a 1000×1000 grid Sudoku and will probably show up for dinner with your parents in a space suit talking about deep stuff y’all can’t relate to.

Jhene Aiko

She’s cool but weird. she’ll probably smoke weed with you, hang with your friends without being a sissy and let most of your b.s slide. But if you hurt her, she’ll cut you up and paint a mural with your blood.


She has a sharp memory, trust me she remembers stuff you haven’t even done yet and she likes to gloat over small victories. When she gets attached to you, there’s no letting go even when y’all break up she’ll still be sending shout outs from the other side.


She was probably a gangster in her previous life and has zero tolerance for nkwasiasem. she is open minded and free spirited; if you argue well, you can get to to do anything. You can also be sure she has slept with everyone within a 100-mile radius, lol.

Miley Cyrus

She loves the spotlight and everything must be about her. She is always turnt up and I’m sure you still remember the one time you took her to your grandpa’s funeral where she got so wasted that she started grinding your big brother while the choir sang “Amazing Grace”. Once a while, she does thoughtful things and gets profound but don’t get carried away, she’s crazy as they come.


She thinks she’s all that and more… and she probably is. You are most likely in her life because she’s bored or you’re a means to an end. She won’t wait for you to decide to marry her, she will be the one asking you to put a ring on it.

Back Street Boys and West Life

She’s either too young for you or well… too old! she is incurably cheesy and dramatic and will threaten to leave you a million times because she thinks it’s poetic when you beg her to stay.


She will blow little issues out of proportion and tell the world about your problems. She doesn’t believe that you two can communicate without words and will find expression for everything she feels. She will nag you about little problems and accuse you of sleeping with all your female friends, meanwhile she’s probably snuggling with your friend as we speak.

Childish Gambino

she’s well… just childish


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