5 Reasons Why Your Arguments Against Halloween Are Irrelevant


It took me a while to write this, and because I didn’t want to involve myself when tensions were high. I’ve been really struggling to understand what the annual gripe about Halloween is about. Do the arguments against Halloween being celebrated in Ghana have any logical basis, other than some variation of “it’s bougie”?

Not our culture?

Dude, We live in a global world. The world is getting smaller, and slowly, as the world continues to shrink, we assimilate aspects of other cultures that we find attractive and drop those of ours we no longer find attractive.

Indeed, one of the most important characteristics of culture is that it’s dynamic , but Newton’s law states that change cannot come about without the action of an external force.

So basically, here’s what I’m saying; our culture WILL not remain static, it WILL grow/evolve/change, and that change is only possible because of the action of the external force, in this case, the assimiliation of other cultures.

Devil Worship?

Halloween is a CHRISTIAN festival. Ghana is 71% Christian.

Halloween, like Christmas and the feast of Annunciation, began as a pagan festival then the Christians appropriated it.

Not only does that render the “It’s not our culture” argument non-sequitir, it disqualifies the “You have not been to America, but you are celebrating Halloween” one. How many of you celebrating Easter have been to Jerusalem? Do you need to have been somewhere to be exposed to their culture now? In which study, did they conclude that cultural assimiliation is dependent on geographical mobility?

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Don’t Even Understand The Origins?

You know what? Even if I didn’t I could still check Google, while I celebrate at the Halloween party. Bu I’m not even going to toe that line. Christians don’t even fully understand the origins of Christianity in Africa, but we den them still dey. I know more Ewes dem no dey barb Hogbetsotso, but them still dey goo. So it no really be anything.

Just Trying To Impress

Who? Among? The? Rich? People? Drinking? And? Dancing? At? Their? Party? Is? Trying? To? Impress? You? People just want to have fun, guys. It’s really not that deep.

Patronize Made In Ghana Goods

Oh isn’t this one just rich, coming from people who went through Western education, practice a Western democracy, worship a Western God, wear Western clothes, watch Western TV shows. Before anyone makes an argument for Odwira and Homowo as against Halloween, please show me one episode of Cantata for every episode of The Vampire Diaries you’ve ever watched.


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