3 Struggles A KNUST Guy Dating A Legon Girl Goes Through

struggles a tech guy dating a legon guy faces

Okay, so a KNUST guy dating a Legon girl is arguably not exactly an example of a long distance relationship but it has all the struggles of a long distance relation and even more. Lets go through a few challenges guys in such a situation face.

Trust Issues With Campus Pressure

These girls aint loyal! You know Legon is an extremely difficult place to live and ignore the pressure it comes with. The nice guys, the extravagant lifestyles and the late night programmes are not  the kind of pressures the average girl could just ignore. A UST guy going through campus life would probable have to deal with the trust issue which comes with having a girlfriend at Legon.


Lovers chilling out every night at joints and handling their women like nobody’s business make you go gaga. The distance makes companionship a difficult thing to achieve in such relationships. The times you want to hang out, have sex and chit chat would probably not be the ideal time for your partner. Its a different world out there, you live the cold nights alone and befriend your pillow.


The News Out There

You think you know your Legon girl very well? Well, what you hear outside puts you on the edge everytime. So you are in Kumasi doing your thing and you hear all these things about Legon girls; how they roll with big men, do lecturers for grades etc.. Oussh I mean you know what the Kaneshie and Kejetia market women say about Legon girls, right? The moment you tell anyone your girlfriend is at Legon, they go like hmmmm. Hmmmm, that info is definitely not good  if you want to tell people about how committed you both are to the relationship.

In all, the struggle is real out there if you are a KNUST guy dating a Legon girl. You have to play Helen Keller role everytime something comes up about Legon girls. It never gets easier.