3 Probable Reasons Why Adele Snubbed Beyonce’s Collab Calls

Adele snubs Beyone
Photo Credit: uproxx.com

You probably thought Beyoncé was incapable of being snubbed.  Well, acording to bet.com, Adele did it and Queen Bey has been allegedly calling on Adele for a whole year in hopes of a collaboration. Though the two made it to a studio one time, Adele reportedly, allegedly, supposedly, snubbed Queen Bey. Not much was said about the details of the supposed snub but here are three possible reasons why Adele may have snubbed one of her favorite musicians.

Adele snubs Beyone
Photo Credit: uproxx.com

Adele’s take on sex sells

Over the time, Adele has proved that she is able to live outside the ‘Sex Sells’ saying and still come out as  an excellent musician. In fact, Adele has hit over 310m views with her ‘Hello’ in just two weeks. This is neither a humorous nor sex-appealing video but sheer display of talent, quality and ingenuity. Not a single display of sex-appealing scenes or visuals could be seen on the tape. I believe she intends to keep it that way since by collaborating with Beyoncé, she may be buying in on how Beyoncé shows her body etc when selling her music.

She is really frightened

Beyonce is your kind of songstress if you are looking for someone who is in the limelight and living it as well. Adele on the other hand has said on i-D that she is frightened of what fame would do to her. Going into a collab with Queen Bey would mean exposing herself to Beyonce’s world of fame. Maybe Adele is not yet ready for that world yet.

Not there yet

Another possible reason is probably that she feels she is not there yet. As far back as 2012, Adele confessed her love for the personality and music of Beyonce. Maybe she thinks she has not grown to the level where she could stand head to head with Beyonce and come out doing well.


Lets hope for these great musicians to deal with their issues and give the world a beautiful piece.





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