Did You Know Daddy Lumba Was Poisoned? 5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Him

Daddy Lumba is probably the most consistent artiste Ghana has seen. Behind the glaring success and silky voice is a personality you may not have thought of. Let’s run you through 5 facts you never knew about the 51 year old legend.

He was part of the pioneers of Burger Highlife in Ghana.

Nana Acheampong and Daddy, the Lumba brothers, pioneered and popularized Burger Highlife in Ghana. They met in Germany and started the Sibo Brothers which later became the Lumba Brothers and together they produced a couple of albums. At the time, many listeners were convinced Nana Acheampong was a better musician than Daddy Lumba. After their split, Lumba has arguably been more successful in the music scene than Nana Acheampong.


He has more number one hits than any Ghanaian musician

The legend has 20 albums under his belt which have produced more number one and top ten hits than any other Ghanaian musician in our time. Year after year since the 80s, Lumba has released an album almost every year. Not only is he prolific, but he also is a success at his productions.


He trained Ofori Amponsah

The 51-year-old legend had Ofori Amponsah under his wing in the 90s. He trained and co-produced with him in 1999 to release ‘Woho Kyere’. That album produced five hits which projected Ofori Amposah into limelight. Well, they had a brief blood-bath after the album but it is all well now.


He has had success in both secular and gospel music

Lumba almost died at a point. Right after the illness, he found new life in gospel music and released ‘Mesom Jesus’ and ‘Woana Na Otene’.  You wont believe how praising and singing about Jesus  became Lumba’s  passion so much  that he actually reached out to the many fans who had previously not listened to his secular music. He is amongst the few to chalk success in both secular music and gospel music in Ghana.

He is tagged as a poor live performer

His prolific and ingenious music attributes have never been questioned by music pundits. However, his live performances have been hurled as poor over the years. Many attempts to vindicate himself have led to more chastising. I am sure he has given up already on trying to impress with his performances.

He was Poisoned

You remember his pale skin coupled with the dull performance during the 2015 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards? Yes, Daddy Lumba survived a poisoning the previous year. It was partly the reason for the recurrent death rumours you heard about him. His revelation, which got him weeping uncontrollably during the mainden Aseda Tour musical concert which was held at Miklin Hotel,Kumasi brought to light the ordeal he had had to go through.

Daddy Lumba has influenced the highlife genre in West Africa and has to an extent improved pop in Ghana. He is one of the first artistes to feature a rapper-Okyeame Kwame- on his highlife tunes. His versatality, ingenuity and classic records need to be applauded.



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