5 Scandals to have hit University of Ghana campus in recent times

Amina, during the court hearing of Annex B scandal

Going through four years of tertiary education on Legon campus, it is inevitable to have to experienced or heard of a scandal either in halls, hostels or lecture halls. Lets take you through five recent scandals to have hit the University of Ghana.

The Amina Assault

A dozen residents at the Republic of Okponglo (Mensah Sarbah Hall Annex B) were caught and charged with sexual assault after a video showing the assault of a certain Amina came to light in 2010. Amina, disguised as a seller on the Annex B block, allegedly stole a resident’s mobile phone. She was later caught, stripped naked and assaulted sexually by a section of students at the block. The accused students were slapped with a four-semester suspension by an Accra circuit court.

The Ernesto Rape Saga

Legon police ransacked Legon Hall in 2010 (1st semester) in search of a certain Ernesto who was a resident of the hall ( Block P) at the time. According to the police, Ernesto allegedly raped a G.I.J girl who came to visit him in his inner room. His sanction? Your guess is right. Ernesto did not step foot in the hall again.

The Abortion ‘Bathing’ Incident
During a procession by students of Commonwealth Hall in 2012, Abortion then in level 200 stripped naked and took a full bath in front of Volta Hall. Unfortunately for him, he was captured on camera and  was served with a dismissal letter for the misconduct two years later, in his final year, he was served with a dismissal letter for the misconduct, the wheels of justice grind slowly indeed.

The Volta Sugar Daddy Encounter

So in the first semester of 2010, a pot-bellied man who came to park a four-wheel drive in front of Volta hall earlier, came out of the hall dragging behind him a fine young lady along hall staircase and started beating her up. According to the man, the lady was his girlfriend who was hopping from bed to bed on campus despite him providing her  with her every need. The crowd left the man to finish her up. Pay back is a female dog, isn’t it?

The Gay Guy From City

A group of boys from Alex Kwarpong hall convinced a gay student from Commonwealth Hall to come meet his blind date in their hall. The gay student was lynched upon arrival and was only saved upon intervention from the hall’s security personnel. According to the attackers, the victim had expressed interest in their room-mate who is heterosexual and took offence at the proposal; they therefore took matters into their hands to beat the gay guy straight.

We are sure a handful of scandals came to mind while reading these ones. As expected, since  Legon and scandals are bed-mates.



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