Someone created another fake Vodafone Scratch Card in solidarity with boy who was arrested for creating a fake scratch card

As you may have already heard, a lot of people were not happy with Vodafone Ghana when news of the arrest of a 20 year old boy was released.

The young boy in question, Kwadwo Amakye had designed and shared on social media a fake Vodafone scratch card which he said was just to create fun on social media.

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As part of the uproar against the brand, someone else has designed their own version of the Vodafone scratch card asking for Kwadwo Amakye to be freed.

This isn’t too surprising since there were calls for Graphic Designers to get in on the campaign to free Amakye.

According to another news report by StarrFmOnline, Vodafone has dropped the charges against the young man. We however wait to see how they will react to this new design if they do at all.


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